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21 reasons why we love New Zealand

Coromandel coast. Photo: Emelie Enlund

Coromandel coast. Photo: Emelie Enlund

Roads towards Wanaka. Photo: Patrik Enlund

Road towards Wanaka. Photo: Patrik Enlund

1. The roads
Driving in New Zealand is special. There is always a good view. Crazy views. Either the ocean, beautiful coastline, amazing moutains or green hills.


Thunder creek falls, on the road between Fox Glacier and Wanaka. Photo: Patrik Enlund

2. The waterfalls
They are everyhere. And they are all beautiful.


Queenstown. Photo: Patrik Enlund

3. The towns and cities
Queenstown, Wanaka, Wellington, Dunedin. The list just continues of small picturesque villages, towns and cities.


Mountains on the road towards Milford Sound. Photo: Patrik Enlund

4. The snowy mountains
Aren’t they just incredible beautiful


Emerald lakes, Tongariro crossing. Photo: Patrik Enlund

5. The lakes
New Zealand has a lot of lakes. Some are green, some are blue, some are azure blue. What they all have in common: beauty.


6. The water
New Zealand has a lot of rainfall. That results in a lot of water even on the ground, in creeks and in canyons. Water in New Zealand is just amazing.


Cahtedral Cove where the opening scene in the second Narnia movie is filmed. Photo: Patrik Enlund

7. Narnia
Who doesn’t love the chronicles of Narnia? The movies are filmed in New Zealand.

8. Mordor
Who doesn’t love to walk through the land of Mordor from The Lord of The Rings. Here it is, Tongariro Crossing.


9. The coast
Rock formations, ocean view, clean air, animals and blue water. The coastlines of New Zealand is hard to beat.


10. The skydiving
New Zealand is all about adventures. Skydiving is probaly number one.

hastarna hastarna1

11. The horses
There’s a lot of horses in New Zealand. Ride them, look at them, just be with them. Most of them were in the Lord of The Rings movies.


Franz Josef glacier. Photo: Patrik Enlund

12. The glaciers
Franz Josef and Fox glaciers just has to be checked of when you are here. Just look at it. Pretty cool, eyh…


Milford Sound. Photo: Gunilla Enlund

13. The fiordland
The southwest part of New Zealands south island is just the outback, the wild. No one lives here. There is just heaps of fiords and sounds. And they are stunning.


Huka Falls. Photo: Patrik Enlund

14. The rivers
No words needed. The power of water is breath taking.


15. Hobbiton – The shire
No words needed. At all.


16. The kayaking
Go down a river, cruise along the coast or on a lake. The choice is yours.


17. The mountains
New Zealand is mostly hills and mountains. And they are beautiful. Go and explore.


Pancake rocks. Photo: Patrik Enlund

18. The rock formations
There is some cool rock formations along the coast. Dont miss them.


Sealions outside Otago Peninsula, Dunedin. Photo: Patrik Enlund


19. The wild animals
New Zealand don’t really have any dangerous animals as their neighbour Australia. Go out and enjoy the wild life of this beautiful country.


Mudpools outside Rotorua. Photo: Patrik Enlund

20. The volcanic activity
Were earth was made. Volcanos, mud pooles, fires and hot springs.

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21. The stunning views
They are everywhere. No words needed.