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I’m looking for a girlfriend – who wants to travel the world with me

One of the hardest things about having a traveling life style is meeting a girlfriend who wants to live that life. I had the joy of being with a girl who wanted to live that life for a bunch of years and countless trips – but then ”life” happens and we no longer wanted the same thing. I want to continue explore the world.

And I would love to share my life and experiences with a girlfriend. Everything is so much better when shared, right?

I love to travel and discover countries, meet people and learn about new cultures. But if there’s something I love even more, it’s getting to share the experience with that special someone. That sunrise on a mountain is so much better holding hands with your love. Or the walk on the beach. Or the jungle tour with lots of monkeys. You name it.

But how do I find that person? I don’t stay that long in the same place. The probability that my path will cross with someone who wants to live the same life is very small. We must be in the same place at the exact same time and run into each other or meet in some context, or match in an app. And even when this happens, you hardly have time to get to know each other because of different travel plans.

So what should I do? I feel like I’ve tried everything, putting myself out there. Talking to people in the real world, using apps, using social media and etc. This is something I can lie sleepless at night thinking about. Writing this text is one of the things I thought I should try.

How do I become interesting in words then? Perhaps you are a girl, now reading this very text. Perhaps my words awaken some curiosity in you. Continue reading! Or share this text to others!

My name is Patrik, I turned 35 in September (2023). I have lived a travel life style more or less since 2015. I have trained to be able to work with scuba diving and have worked with diving in Australia, Thailand and the Caribbean. In November this year (2023) I will take a course in Mexico to become a scuba dive instructor.

Who am I then? I’m a playful, fun, happy guy with eyes full of mischief (haha). I love a good laugh, have lots of positive energy which I like to spend on activities in nature. Anyone who meets me is usually greeted by a big smile, an eager for adventure and a warm energy that I happily share.

I’m playful and sometimes a prankster, but I also have a serious side, I’ve worked as a news journalist for several newsrooms in Sweden throughout my career. As much as I love a good laugh, a good prank or to talk about travel, I enjoy intellectual conversations and in-depth conversations about life and dreams and anything really.

I never say no to an adventure. It doesn’t have to be tough and exhausting adventures. As much as I love hiking in the mountains and scuba diving, I also appreciate a quite evening watching the sunset with a cocktail or a peaceful boat ride on a lake. Or just an evening in cozy clothes in front of a movie or tv-series.

People close to me are well taken care of. I love to give. And I really enjoy to cook for others, surprise with breakfast in bed or whatever comes to mind. I guess I’m quite romantic. I love a classic romantic dinner with lit candles, a nice setting and good music in the background.

I consider myself a simple person. There are few things that worry me. I wouldn’t call myself spiritual, but I like the idea that we get energy from nature. I like to take off my shoes and put my skin in contact with the ground, the sand, the water or the forest path. It’s in nature that I feel I can be myself. Scuba diving in the ocean is my meditation. Under water I can let go of all other thoughts and just listen to my own breathing. I also appreciate an early morning yoga session or being guided in meditation.

Then there is that adventurous part of me. The one who pushed me to take my diving certificate and my skydiving certificate. I love to swoosh down a mountain on a mountain bike, raft a river, kayak a fjord, hike a glacier, rock climb and camp in the wilderness.

What kind of girl would I like to meet then? I don’t have a specific list of requirements. But it will be difficult to be together if you don’t want to travel around the world. It is probably also good if you are open to most things. If you’re just nice and happy in general, I think we can figure out the rest. The most important thing for the both of us is that we should be able to be our true self infront of each other.

Did I catch your attention? Don’t hesitate to contact me and just say hi! Let me know you’re out there! Or share this piece so others can find out about me.

You can reach me in several different ways. E-mail: patrik@ettannatliv.se or Facebook: www.facebook.com/patrik.enlund or Instagram: @_adifferentlife

I’m really curious and excited to see what this will lead to.