Roadtrip in Western Australia – part 2: Playing dolphin in famous sunset


I take the last piece of egg from my plate. The camper van made breakfast with scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms and cheese on toast served  with a cup of tea is probably the best start of the day. The little van kitchen is not stopping us from making magic.

Outside the camper van the sun has already been up for a while. The breeze that comes in from the pacific tells us this is going to be a good day.

Being on the road is a different life. Sleeping, eating and driving in the same space is not what you’re used to. But thats why we’re here. To be beyond the comfort zone.

Today our final destination is Kalbarri National Park, known for it’s coast line and the Murchison river with beautiful gorges. We have to turn off from the highway and on the way to the park we pass the ”Pink Lake”. No one know why the lake is this pink – but that doesn’t matter – it’s still kind of cool.

Photo: Graeme Churchard/Flickr
The Pink Lake. Photo: Graeme Churchard/Flickr

Driving on the roads in Australia means a lot of kangaroos. Unfortunately most of them are dead, laying around both here and there. And a lot of birds of prey. When I look out through the window a wedge tailed eagle proud like it own the world – which the eagles pretty much do – flying around majestic on the winds looking out for todays food.

Getting closer to Kalbarri means a lot of view points a long the coast just when you enter the national park. The coast line is high red cliffs with big waves below. We have to stop at all of them to have a look. Natural Bridge, Island Rock and Grand Stand is places I never will forget. The views are stunning.

west coast-11
Patrik Enlund, editor-in-chief at A different life. Photo: Leanne Richardsson

west coast

I feel the wind in my face and I find myself staring at the ocean moving towards the cliffs, forgeting about the rest of the world. It’s late afternoon and some small birds flying in and out from holes in the rocks below us. Down there nature is untouched and wild. It’s something special about that. I don’t want to leave.

After a sad goodbye to the beatiful views we drive the last bit down to the small town of Kalbarri and checking in to a caravan park. Just before sunset we grab a six pack of beer and heading for the beach which is located where the Murchison river meets the Indian Ocean.

Inside the breaks the river spreads out and makes a lagoon with quite shallow water. We’re sitting there silent watching how the sun slowly sets in the water and giving the sky that famous magic light and the few clouds a pink nuance.

The famous west coast sunset seen from Kalbarri. Photo: Patrik Enlund
The famous west coast sunset seen from Kalbarri. Photo: Patrik Enlund

Just like that we spot the fin. And we stop us self from screaming out loud. It’s a dolphin feeding. The dolphin play at the surface and splashing water around with the magic sunset in the background. We cheer in beers and can’t stop smiling.

This is the perfect end of the day.




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