Sanne, 29, sold everything and moved to the Philippines


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The Swedish girl Sanne fainted behind the wheel. It became the turning point of a stressful life with heart palpitations in Sweden. Now she lives a relaxed life in the Philippines, where she runs her own hostel on a paradise island.

”My yoga teacher said something so good: Remember, we are human beings, not human doings,” Sanne says.

The story about Sanne became super viral: ”I am overwhelmed, it feels amazing”, she says >>

Sanne Sevig

Sanne with one of her dogs infront of her house in the Philippines. Photo: Patrik Enlund

Sanne Sevig. She was an ordinary girl from the country side in Sweden. She was this bubbly energetic type with a lots of things on her plate. She was 25 year old and studied at the University of Skövde while being a project manager at a clothing company in Stockholm. In addition, she was managing her own company and lecturing all over Sweden.

”I had too many things going on at once and was never satisfied”, Sanne says.

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Ironically Sanne was studying neuroscience and positive psychology at the University of Skövde, to learn how to live a balanced and happy life, but it seemed to not matter. Sanne drove on. After several years of a stress-filled life she was showing the signs of fatigue. She couldn’t stand to be alone in silence and found it difficult to sleep at night.

”I was smoking at the time and I couldn’t even go out for a cigarette and be quiet during the two minutes it takes. I had a panic attack. It was so quiet and I felt like shit. Then came the feeling that I couldn’t live like this anymore”, Sanne says.

As she tells me all this we are sitting in a lush garden and are having a long breakfast. On the beautiful island of Siargao in the Philippines. She never had time for long breakfasts in Sweden. But now she has. This is her new life since a few years ago. Hostel owner and satisfied. She gestures, smiles with her whole body and as she describes it herself – she shines all the way from the inside out.

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She is feeling much better nowadays.

”Something I’m proud of is that I’m a lot calmer now and the way I treat myself is so much nicer. I can say to myself well done today. In Sweden, I was happy maybe half an hour if I made money for my company, but then I just started working hard again. Therefore, this feeling of pride of a job well done would never be long lasting. To tell yourself well done today is taboo in Sweden. It should not be done. It is seldom I hear my friends in Sweden say that they are proud of themselves.”


How did she end up in this paradise island with all this insight? It’s a pretty big change from a stressful life in Sweden to settle on an island on the other side of the world.

Stress, panic and heart palpitations were a part of her everyday life. Sanne was thinking of changing her lifestyle for six months. One little thing made her to really take the step.

”I was at a bus stop and it was 30 degrees below zero. My car had broken down and I did not feel my toes. Then I thought – I don’t give a shit about Sweden.”

At that point she was sure. She was going to leave. But she didn’t book a ticket. Until the worst happened.

”I fainted in my car and drove off the road. Luckily, i suffered no physical injuries as a result of my accident. The day after, I quit my job and wrote on Facebook that I had decided to move abroad, and wondered if someone had something they could recommend. I got two answers. One was from a girl I was backpacking with several years earlier. She wrote that she had moved to Manila, and that I could stay with her for free. Four weeks later I landed in Manila.”

It was January 2012 and Sanne left her old life for good. In Manila, she got a job at the big travel company Apollo. Sanne worked as the link between the major hotel chains and dealerships in Sweden. But after a while she realized that she was regressing to her old patterns.

”In Manila, I was running. It took several months before I stopped and thought I didn’t move to the other side of the world to do the same things as i did back home. No matter how far I traveled, i was still leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It does not matter if I live in a tropical country because I still wrestling with all the same issues.”

The breaking point would come again. Apollo suddenly shut down the office and Sanne left Manila to go traveling. After two months of backpacking in the Philippines’ many islands, she realized that this was exactly what she needed. A quiet island with empty beaches and lapping waves.

Through her old classmates she came into contact with Robert who was running a resort on the island of Siargao in the eastern Philippines. An island Sanne at that time had not yet been to.

”When I came here, I was riding in a car from the airport, and had my nose pressed against the window and thought oh well, now I’ve found my home. I had not even had a single day on the job.”

Sanne Sevig

That seemingly perfect island is now her home. Siargao. Is it perhaps the island which led her to start her inner journey and come to an understanding? The island is serene. The major tourist hordes are not privy to the islands location. The local people are mainly preoccupied with fishing and not tourism. Sanne’s hostel and a few other resorts and smaller hotels run by westerners are the only lodging facilities available. The visitors? Surfers who are drawn to the world famous rolling waves of the Pacific.

In addition to the island’s soothing effect on the soul, Sanne also finds peace in yoga sessions that she joins three times per week. These sessions have aided her in healing her mind, and controlling her emotions.

”Im not walking around happy all the time, I am more sad and pissed off now than I was at home.  At least I’m feeling something. At home, I didn’t feel anything. I was living with a constantly high level of stress. I’m much more in tune with my emotions here, and i like that side of me. I want to be genuine. I do not want to be perfect. I just want to be me”, Sanne says.

Cliché question maybe, but are you happy here?

”Yes, I am”, Sanne says quickly. Then she repeats herself after a few seconds of reflection.

”Yes. I am.”

But what is happiness then?

”Happiness for me is to feel, which I’m able to do here, and to have the courage to express what I feel. It’s not quite the same thing. For me it’s two completely different things. Happiness consists of doing things that I want to do.”

”When you start being grateful for what you have. That’s when you start feeling happy, and when you are kind to yourself.  If you are unhappy with yourself on the inside, your relationships on the outside will be equally unhappy.”

sanne siargao-3

After six months of work at Robert’s resort Sanne became involved with a hostel building project that Josef, a philippine national, was working on. Josef is also the guy Sanne started dating and ultimately fell in love with. Together they completed the construction of Paglaom hostel which they now run successfully.

But we’re not talking about big money.

”We made a conscious choice. We chose time over money”, Sanne says.

Her whole approach to money has changed radically.

”It was crazy. I’ve never been as poor as when we were building the hostel. I think we had a budget of 300 pesos per day for two people to live for (about $ 4). We ate rice, eggs and sometimes we bought chicken. Now when we go out to eat I appreciate it in a totally different way because of those months we were on an extremely tight budget.”

Now that  the hostel is finished Sanne has a lot of time to do different things she couldn’t even dream of before. In addition to managing the hostel and taking yoga classes, she has also started a charity organization called ”Nature Kids of Siargao”. The idea is to educate children and young adults in environmental awareness on Siargao and donate clothes, food and school backpacks to needy children.

sanne siargao-4

Thanks to her charity organization Sanne became involved in an orphanage on the island. Now she’s there twice a week and recently she painted the walls in the children’s dormitories.

”However they need more adults there. For twenty children, there are only two adults. There is no time for hugs, bedtime stories, basketball games or to help with homework”, Sanne says.

She continues:

”It makes me happy to get involved with this charity.”

Sanne takes a bite of the pancake she has on her plate, and tilt her head to one side with a smile. She is wise. She has much to say.

Do you think anyone can do the same inner journey as you without having the same education background?

”Absolutely. I think it’s a great idea to get some help. I got help by traveling. It was my way to break my old patterns. Getting help can be as simple as reading a book that changes your life or start a new hobby.”

She shines. All the way from the inside out.

How do you think she introduces herself to non Swedes who have trouble pronouncing ”Sanne”?

Sunny. Of Course.

– – – – –

By: Patrik Enlund
Proof read and corrected by:
 Beau Hayward and Madalina Ciubuc

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  1. What a journey you got, and the endpoint, at least for the moment is just pure bliss. Best wishes on the hostel business and thank you for choosing Philippines 🙂

  2. i really admired you, for your dedication to fulfill your dreams and to follow what your heart say’s….. I hope that you really found your home……..

  3. must be a nice feeling to find your calling. Looks you are having a good time.

    What part of the Philippines are you at.

  4. It really shows that money won’t guarantee happiness. You have to really search around and do some reflections to achieve the kind of life you really long for.

  5. Great Article! I am happy for her. Now that is what we call Life! a balance of being who we are. Stress free and happy life. wish I can meet you there in Siargao. All the Best in life

  6. God is amazing. He made you a perfect person, to experience the real life in this world, true happiness in simple living and helping others. God bless.

  7. Welcome to the Philippines. have a good life here and thank you for helping my countrymen who are in needs.

  8. I really admire your strength, overcoming those obstacles you encounter. wish you all the best in life. and hope you’ll receive greater blessing there in the phillippines. by the way i’m a filipino

  9. Nice story. I know of a lot of foreigners doing that here in the Philippines. A lot has settled down on some of our numerous beautiful islands.

  10. what a courageous move you made!I’m happy that you’ve found peace in my hometown, hope that you’ll forever be happy in siargao….

  11. Yes Sanne, I believe on you because ” It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion” by Dame Rebecca West. God bless…

  12. You are where you wanted to be. You deserve congratulations. Never been in Siargao….. yet

  13. welcome home, Sanne. May your heart truly find True Peace and Joy… the kind that comes only from have a personal love relationship with our Creatot and Saviour, Jesus…

  14. Fantastik story and congrats to Sanne. I had a very similar story when I was working at a corporate job back in the U.S. and decided that was enough and quit to move to Thailand when I was 28…I’m turning 34 this week and don’t regret it for a second.

  15. I stumbled upon this article in Facebook and what can I say your life’s journey is quite impressive. I hope you don’t mind me writing a blog post about you and your resort. I’ll visit Siargao Island sometime this year. Cheers! 🙂

  16. I was so touched by your story and thank you for loving our country and our people especially the kids who are being taken cared by the foundation. Thank You…

  17. Nice journey and good luck you made a right choice to stay in Siargao Island. Thats my hometown. 🙂

  18. Underbart Sanne. Glad att du älskar Filippinerna särskilt Siargao min granne ön. Hoppas att träffa er en vacker dag. Sköt om dig. Welcome to Philippines! //lloyd, gbg

  19. God bless you sanne, its amazing journey…. one thing im pretty sure, MONEY cant buy HAPPINESS! Good Luck and be happy for the rest of your life now that you found a place called HOME..

  20. Good luck Sanne, I wisch i could visit your new home when I’m on holiday in the Phillipines next time.

  21. Welcome to paradise. Its a great feeling you choose Philippines for the better of yourself. Enjoy Philippines and everything it has to offer.

    You prove that money isn’t always a solution for a better and happy life. Enjoy Life!

  22. I need to meet her! I lived in the Philippines for 18 months in Tacloban and Cebu and am fluent in the Bisayan language where she is! I will be going back next year in May and I am hoping to be in Siargao and CDO too! If I could contact her any way at all, please let me know!

  23. Thank you Sanne for your wonderful story and thank you for helping my countryman specially for the kids, i know that God has purpose and perfect plan for you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He is with you wherever you go. ”the real happiness you will find through Jesus Christ” God bless you.

  24. finding yourself and being yourself is one thing good in life…welcome to my home country and thanks for helping the needy…enjoy your life over there…God bless…

  25. Welcome to the Philippines Sanne…. my country is a struggling paradise and amidst of all so many downsides, it is still a jewel in the Pacific. Im glad you found its sparkle in the dark.

    I am a development worker and works on appropriate technologies for rural development organizations. Im moving a lot in the Philippines now mostly working on rehabilitation and mitigation efforst in the disaster prone areas – composting, gardening, clean cookstoves, fuel briquettes, solar dryers, biochar, water filters and others.

    I hope to visit your island someday.

    …..What an inspiring article. Maraming Salamat ! Magandang Buhay!!

  26. Same here. I may not be a foreigner in this country because I am a Filipino also but I lived in a quite big city where everything must move fast and it as if everyday I am very busy, but now when I got married then my wife decided to work in Surigao city (also near Siargao) I found peace here, though this is not a big city unlike the city I used to live but it is here that I appreciate nature and everytime I do my morning run all I can see is the green scenery of the place.
    Probably one of these days I will visit Sanne’s place and also surf on the pacific.

  27. What a nice story and best decision in life to live happy!Actually,I am proud to be a Filipino and we do our job in whole Europe including Scandinavian countries particularly in whole Sweden. I love the country of Sweden especially summer and I love Swedish people too because majority of them are very kind and merciful…I hope some of our Kababayan Filipino’s will take care of you there in Siargao.God Bless!

  28. Hello Sanne
    I did something similar to you. Im also from Sweden but had to be 55 before I had the courage to make such a big step. Im now living in Iloilo city selling mineral water.
    Good luck hope to see you some day

  29. Your heart’s desire and the mercy of God led you where you are now. Selflessly helping others is a joy to God, to others and to your heart. May you continue your search and journey for a higher level of happiness which is in pleasing God more and more than anyone else. God bless!

  30. how can i visit your paradise of public service and love of brothers?
    my address is
    metro parkway clearing group
    metropolitan manila development authority
    orense corner edsa
    makati city

  31. Siargao is a very wonderful place. Been there twice. Hope to meet Sanne the next time I explore the waves.

  32. Welcome to the Philippines Sanne, hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us Filipinos. Feel our hospitality, an attitude that brought us to be called the ”Most Hospitable People in World”.

  33. Are you still here in the Phils? would love to go there and meet you. Be safe.

  34. I live close to siargao. I am so happy u found our place that can make u peace. Welcome to siargao the beautiful beach and tropical in the Philippines. .

  35. The best thing you can give to someone is your time. You are helping yourself and others for the better and thats what really matters. Mabuhay! 🙂

  36. I have a daughter almost the same age as you Sanne! It’s just funny how much she wanted to live in Sweden and then you loving life here in the Phils. Maybe because we live in manila, which is really a stressful place compared to siargao which really is close to paradise! I’ve been planning to go travel to siargao someday… hope i could stay in your hostel and meet you and help you with your charity work… peace, love and more blessings to come your way.

  37. Good decision Sanne,hope you really found the true happiness you longed for. Thanks for having a big heart for the orphans. Hope to see you in Siargao.

  38. Sanne, Jag hoppas att jag kan hjälpa för barnens skull i Sorigao ,kläder och mer,,Good job Sanne sometimes people needs satisfaktion for life,,, becouse life is so meaningful,we need to do something to fel happy,,,life is so short,,,,yes herre in sweeden full of stress,worries and more,,,,,,,,’

  39. I am so happy for you sanne. as i read ur story, i felt great when you said you finally found your home where ur happiness is present.

  40. I very far to siargao, I’m from Quezon Province, as I’m reading the story of how sanne migrate to the Philippines I really want to see her in person. She leave sweden which i know a very nice country to settle down to a poor country. you’re very grat sanne hope we meet somehow someday.

  41. That’s great to hear bout your story really inspiring…wanna visit your place…

  42. Wow! Let me join with the long and excited commenters here. Congratulations and what a duty combined with pleasure. You don’t have to drag yourself to work but enjoy God’s goodness. Though these are mere signposts toward really perfect place in heaven, God has been wonderfully generous to you now!

  43. Home is when you find the contentment if your heart’s desires. Thank you for your inspiring story. Congratulations and may God bless you more!

  44. I was like you 14 months ago. I was in the corporate world for 27 years. I was a sales manager and a sales trainor. But now I’m a full-time traveler. Because of this travel business opportunity that I saw and was introduced to me by a Swedish friend of mine Magnus Soder who I now consider as my brother. Kindly click on my website : and watch video no. 2. Then tell me later if you find traveling and earning at the same time interesting. Then call me on my viber number 0929-324-4048. And I will be more than happy to share this to you should you have questions. I’m Rich Solomon by the way. Please search me on Facebook too. Thanks and God bless 🙂

  45. oh sorry…correction please it should be … thanks Sanne.

  46. belated welcome to the Philippines, been in Sweden too, beautiful country too, thank you for your help in the orphanage, happy you met such a wonderful guy for a partner, with the same happiness focus. Congratulations again.

  47. Nice to read the story where you can find yourself inside.. thank you for sharings. I also moved to Philippines in 2012 when I was 33 and I found myself at home here.

    Love from Palawan

  48. So inspiring story Sanne! Extremely proud of your courageous decision to move in Siargao Philippines. Truly money can’t buy happiness. I hope you will be bless more of your new charity work and get more fund from kind hearted people abroad. Your such a blessing to everyone in that Island I reckon. God bless! Hope to see the place one day!

  49. Wow… some people commenting here about what part of the Philippines… omg. Read the story.

    I have lived in several countries… seems after 5 years one grows tired and weary — no matter where you are, or what you do. Kudos to finding your place in the Philippines and I hope the people are as good to you as you are to them. If not, Thailand is around the corner (with its own share of quirks)…

  50. what a wise decision and thanks for choosing Siargao Sanne, i do hope you really found the true happiness you longed for. Hope to see you in Siargao. God bless you.

  51. I am glad that you are satisfy and doing well here in our country. Kuddos for the writer for sharing this inspirational article. Tack så mycket! 🙂

  52. I immigrated from the Philippines to Illinois, USA when I was 23 years old and my mother also immigrated and lived with my sister in Pennsylvania in the 70’s . When my mother was about to reach her 96th years of age , although relatively active and fairly healthy she felt that her life in was nearing its end. She wanted to visit one last time her hometown of Cebu and celebrate her birthday around Thanksgiving. She openly wished that if her end would come, it will happen while she was there. It did come true just after Christmas. Mama or Nanay as her great-grandchildren would call her was well aware where she was up to the end and was happy to be back home for good in her beloved Philippines. It was good for her.You will also find that the Philippines will be good for you and good to you. However, do not forget your roots and some longing may not linger but it will crop up every now and then. Although my life is here now in the USA where my children, grandchildren, many relatives and lifelong friends are more than I ever had in the Philippines, an occasionally visit is good for the soul, for Mama and Papa. Best wishes for the good life.

  53. Welcome Sanne . … .my home is your…
    …And i hope you find the path of your life in PhilIppines GOD BLESS YOU

  54. Im from caridad pilar siargao island where part are you, you have a nice heart, wish to meet, one day..

  55. Have u been in magpopungko beach its a walking distance from our house wish to be ur friend in my lovable home town..

  56. Great story, Sanne, and you are indeed true to yourself. Enjoy your life there. And thank you for helping my ’kababayan’ in need. I’m proud of you.

  57. ”When you start being grateful for what you have. That’s when you start feeling happy, and when you are kind to yourself. If you are unhappy with yourself on the inside, your relationships on the outside will be equally unhappy.”
    No wonder how happily life you had in a journey you have chosen.

  58. The story is just like my finacee that lives in Australia. Found a nice paradise here in Bohol! We are not rich, but we have our kids, friends and nature and enough to survive daily living. The love for each other gives us more life that we never thought we can’t find it any more.

  59. life is so complicated… mostly people in the Philippines going abroad working for money, and now Sanne, you come to the Philippines looking for true happiness.. what a Shamme for Filipinos

  60. Sanne …you said it all…Have a Sunny life..Blessings always…keep doing what makes n keeps your soul happy n Sanne…Cheers.
    Patrick you have done a great job with Sannes life living web post…so inspiring..

  61. Inspiring. Courageous. Adventurous. A heart and mind of quality. I will patronize Sanne’s hostel if I visit Siargao.

  62. I’m hoping to visit siargao and learn surfing… and probably stay in the hostel of Sanne and Josef.

  63. I had an opportunity of staying in Europe (Swiz,Italy etc.) for 4 years. Although comforts of life was their but there is something i missed in the Philippines. The noise of the karaoke, fiestas, simple life in the province and of course the warm relationships between persons (friends, family); the community life and the sense of being a family that I can rarely find in Europe. Everyone wanted to become happy but nowadays true happiness is being fogged by money, career and technology.

  64. Amazing story ! So inspiring ??? Thank you for choosing Philippines! Mabuhay ka

  65. Welcome to the Philippines and thank you for the charity you are involved in. I am sure the Filipino kids who are getting help are very appreciative.

  66. this is such a nice story!! Very positive and thought provoking!!
    Good luck to all your endeavors…

  67. Nice story of what life is, interesting and eventually ended in choosing Philippines as a solution.

  68. Beautiful. Story. I lived in Sweden years and felt the same. We all have, choices. To Live or exist. You choose the better journey x

  69. There are things money can’t buy like a calm nerve and the ability to control would be panic attacks. Dread feeling, palpitations and anxious feelings would disrupt your being. Well sometimes, it’s good to avoid adrenaline pumping activities or work and resort to exposure to the serene environment of Siargao. May you find comfort in God. God bless you

  70. Kodus to you Sanne It was such a nice story. I hope and pray for your Happiness be continuously be given by our almighty father. ENJOY and HAVE good stay in Philippines. Godblessyoualways. TONY

  71. Inspiring story Sanne! Moreover, you are able to give of your time and help others.

  72. A guy named Jimmy commented this—> life is so complicated… mostly people in the Philippines going abroad working for money, and now Sanne, you come to the Philippines looking for true happiness.. what a Shamme for Filipinos
    I don’t usually revert back to this kinds of remark but this time let me share my opinion. I’m one of those millions of Filipinos who left our beloved homes and tried to seek for a better financial resource, it is not for myself but for my family, my loved ones. If you notice, as per Sanne, she has a bit or resources to start a hostel business, but as for me and so many others, we just have education as our capital. We may have good professions in our beloved countries but the monetary benefit that we can get from it cannot be compared with what we can earn abroad. We are not materialistic, we value togetherness, and being away from our families surely make us feel so empty, weary, and sad but whenever we think of the food on our family’s table, medicine for our sick loved ones, kids’ tuition fees, family’s shelter for us to call home, and lot more list of basic needs that the meager salary we get from working in the big or small companies in Philippines won’t be able to support, we then get the courage, strength and strong will to be away from our beatiful homeland. Who says we don’t love Philippines, we do, we love that beautiful 7000+ islands and its beautiful nature, we do love our countrymen and their beautiful happy harworking persevering loving caring and welcoming nature. And we do workhard outside of that country to bring more resources to help our families and our countrymen. One day, I’ll come home for good, in God’s grace with more blessings to share with my people and to see all the beauty that set of islands and their beatiful and waters are offering.
    Thank you Sanne for appreciating the beauty of the Philippines and for sharing your happiness to the world. Welcome to our homeland and thank you for aiding our people who are in great need. They may not have anything but I’m sure they have beautiful heart, I hope they are sharing those beautiful hearts with you.

  73. I can relate to her story. Cheers an d good luck. I have not been back to Siargao since 1999.

  74. Wow!!! Great article, an amazing story for everyone to read and ponder… WELCOME to the PHILIPPINES!!!

  75. When i was read your story,it was very inspirational and its good to hear you found your happiness her in philippines..welcome….

  76. When i was read your story,it was very inspirational and its good to hear you found your happiness here in philippines..welcome….

  77. Your life gives inspiration to many. I’am happy for you, Sunny.

    People all want to be happy.
    The problem is to know and do what will make us happy.

    Accumulating wealth and living in luxury gives limited joy and happiness.
    While living a simple life and able to help others gives real joy and appeals to the Lord.

    May God continue to bless and inspire you with your endeavor.

    In Christ,
    Bro. Angel

  78. Hej Sanne! WOW vilken resa du har gjort! Så starkt. Om ni någonsin behöver extra hjälp med ert hostel eller även fler vuxna till barnhemmet så kontakta mig gärna, jag har en vän som var och hjälpte till i Filippinerna efter tyfon katastrofen med att bygga upp byar på ett miljövänligt och återvinnande sätt, och han reste även runt en hel del vilket fick mig att också vilja åka dit en dag. Om ni är i behov av en glad och arbetsvillig gotlänning som också behöver finna ett andra hem så hör av er. xx JEN

  79. So inspiring to read about another woman doing the same thing. I’m 54, leaving the Netherlands for good to find myself a new life in the Philippines. I’ll be leaving in 11 weeks, my life will fit in a 60 liter backpack and my home will be where my feet land. Like Sanne i need to get away from the stressful western world. I hope I will find the same peace of mind.

  80. It’s great that you did not wait long to make a life change! You chose the perfect place!

  81. Very Inspiring story Sanne. Thank you for choosing my homeland Philippines. Its just amazing! Im hoping to meet you someday when we are Phils. We are willing to help with your charity involvement.
    Regards from Sweden!

  82. im so happy while reading…and my passion is to be with those in need…im still searching my happiness..i think i can be a volunteer teacher in that orphanage..i think its the lost part i am searching for…i will be there one of these days.

  83. Very inspirational! Leaving the stressful life in Sweden and found your new home with content and happiness in our country. You are truly vibrant and courageous being, Sanne! God Bless all your endeavors and thank you for extending help for the kids in Siargao, Phils. Mabuhay!

  84. Ojojoj!! Nu är vi inte ensamma i Filippinerna, Vi har valde att Flyttat hit for gott också, och min Man älskar att vara här, som sagt Fridfull Liv,,,! I Önskar Dig Lycka till i fortsättningar.. Sanne!! Heja Filippinerna ,,,,!!

  85. I moved from Norway to Lapu Lapu Philippines in 2005 and yes the stress its gone to a more relaxing and simpler life. We enjoy life and work a little to pay our daily expences.

  86. I’ve been to the Phil’s a few times now and love it! It’s my fav place in the world, I’ve dreamt of selling up everything in Australia and moving over and creating a similar adventure. I just didn’t think the filo government approved westerners buying property and running a business there?

  87. I simply want to mention I am very new to blogging and honestly savored your blog site. Most likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog . You amazingly have perfect posts. With thanks for revealing your website page.

  88. Read sannes article , so i would like sanne to come & visit us here in bacolod city, Negros, Philippines

  89. ,,an inspiring story of a life’s journey to find happiness and feel joy. Thanks for choosing Philippines, we welcome you and hoping to see your place.

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  91. Absolutly greate stuff ! Go happy and strong and all good wishes for the good deeds you’r doing and for your joy you took care off ! 🙂 Very nice ! 🙂

  92. I just want to say I’m all new to blogging and truly loved you’re web page. Probably I’m want to bookmark your website . You definitely come with terrific writings. With thanks for revealing your blog site.

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