33 days until our trekk to Everest Base Camp


Now it’s only 33 days left until I leave for Kathmandu for my hike to Mount Everest Base Camp. Time flies. I’m so pumped for this adventure which will be my second attempt to reach Everest Base Camp. Last time me and Leanne got to the the village of Namche Bazaar at 3 400 meters. This time the aim is to get to our final goal.

It’s not only the hike that makes me pumped, I’m also very much looking forward to come go back to Asia’s bustling streets. It’s been a long time now since we last were there and my whole me is craving for the unknown and the unexpected. Walking through the streets of Kathmandu can’t be compared to anything else in the world. Nice shoes and jewelry on your right and to your left a half slaughtered pig hanging on a meet hook with flies all over it. It’s something, isn’t it.

It’s me and my friend Sean from the UK who have booked this trip together. Leanne skip this one, she got to see Mount Everest in the distance last time and she is happy with that.

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The streets of Kathmandu. Photo: Patrik Enlund


Last time me and Leanne did the hike totally on our own, but this time we have booked a guided trekk. A few years ago Leanne made a good friend in Hari when she was in Nepal for charity work. It turns out Hari runs the company Trekking Team Nepal. Of course we booked with Hari’s company.

Now me and Sean can sit back and relax a bit as Hari and his company will sort out loads of stuff for us. They have booked the flight up into the mountains, they sort out permission to hike in the national park and all those other practical things that we arranged ourselves last time.

They will provide sleeping bags and all food during the trekk is included in our booking. However, I have saved some stuff from last time, including our two walking sticks and maps of the entire trekk. Now we only have to book accommodation in Kathmandu as we have two days there before the hike begins.

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It’s chilly in the Himalayas so we will need warm clothes. I will pack a first layer that is not cotton. Synthetic or wool is my choice as these materials don’t absorb moisture and therefor doesn’t get wet when I sweat. It’s never good to wear cotton closest to your body as if they get wet – you get cold. Even the socks I will bring are made out wool.

I will dress following the ”layer-on-layer” so I can easily take off or put on clothes if it gets hotter or colder. It’s really important to think about this stuff, as I don’t want to pack too much.

A beanie and warm gloves are of course a must. As soon as the sun disappears behind the mountain ridges in the afternoon it immediately becomes chilly. And don’t even mention the evenings and night. However, I will also bring a pair of shorts for when it’s warm, they are nice and easy to walk in.

My beloved Meindl boots. Photo: Patrik Enlund

On my feet I will wear my long time friends, my Meindl boots. I had them in the Himalayas last time and they have also been to Kilimanjaro with me. And of course they were my partner in crime for all our adventures in New Zealand over the past year.

My first aid kit. Photo: Patrik Enlund

First aid kit

Even though I have travel insurance and our guide will bring stuff I always take my first aid kit wherever I go. You never know what happens. My kit can help me with everything from blisters and headache to a sprained ankle and bleeding wounds. It’s always in my bag wherever I go in the world. Always! And no exceptions!

Camera and batteries

Something that many people often forget to think about is what to do with your camera and batteries. In some places in the Himalayas you can charge your devices or cameras for a cost. But I don’t count on it. I will bring spare batteries for my camera and at night I will have all my batteries in the sleeping bag with me, just to keep them warm. If I don’t do this they will be dead in the morning.