8 people who have the job you want


A lot of people say they love their job. But we all have at least one time dreamt of something else. Look at this list. These people have the job you want.

Leanne, standing, and the owner of the horsecompany, Deb, sitting. Photo: Patrik Enlund
Leanne, standing, and the owner of the horse company, Deb, sitting. Photo: Patrik Enlund

Leanne, horse trek guide, New Zealand
”This is my semi-retirement”, she says when she helping me jumping up on the back of my horse.
The scenery from the mountains slopes are just crazy. I understand her. This isn’t bad. Not bad at all. This scenery is her office. The horses her colleagues. Her job is to guide people through the landscape and take care of the horses.

Alencar. Photo: Skydive Wanaka.

Alencar, skydive instructor, New Zealand
The brasilian guy who moved overseas. The same day he finished he’s course to become a Divemaster he got the job as a skydive instructor.
”Not a bad life”, he says and smile when we’re in the orange plane on our way up to 12 000 ft.
I look out the window and what I see is, as you understand, stunning. In the horizon you see the snowy summit of Mount Cook, to the left the beautiful Lake Wannaka and Lake Hawea. His job is to be nice, smile and make someones day and fly through the sky.

Ernesto, to the right, with some of his students. Photo: Patrik Enlund

Ernesto, scuba dive instructor, Thailand
The spanish dude who has been scuba diving all over the world and the last years been working om Koh Tao, Thailand. I see him on the beach near the restaurant just before the famous thai sunset.
”This is my office”, he says and pointing out on the sea.

Foto: Amanda Sundin
Photo: Amanda Sundin

Karin, seasonal worker in the skiindustry, Japan
The swedish girl who the last three seasons been working in the mountains in Japan. Everyday she takes her ski’s and fly down the snowy mountain side.
”Skiing is like a part of me now, I would not survive without it. It’s like breating, if you don’t do it you die”.

Foto: Privat
Photo: Private

Alexander, entrepreneur who runs companies online which completely fund his travels
”I’m not living in luxury but I can do what I want without any people telling me what to do. And I can travel all over the world”, he says.
Wherever he put his laptop becomes his office. A beach, a mountain, a jungle. I could do that.


Joe, kayak instructor, New Zealand
I’m standing on the beach in Golden bay which is located on the north west tip of New Zealands south island. In front of me Joe showing a map where to go with our kayaks. But I don’t hear his voice, all I can think of is that I want his job. Helping and guiding people in their kayaks. Paddle in a beautiful area. The coastline here just north of the national park Abel Tasman is just amazing with stunning views and seals as regular visitors.

Photo: From Sams Facebook
Photo: From Sams Facebook

Sam, chef, Great Barrier Reef
Free food, free accommodation, free diving and paid. Sam smiles. I don’t blame him. When I meet him he is the guy who makes the food on one of the live aboard boats on the Great Barrier Reef outside Cairns in Australia. 5 days on 5 days off. Everyday the sun rise and sets in the water. This is he’s office and home.

Photo: From Ross Facebook
Photo: From Ross Facebook

Ross, owner of a campervan rental company, New Zealand
Summertime in New Zealand he rent out campervans. When winter comes  and no one rent cars, he shut down the business and goes traveling for 3-4 months. Every year.
”This year I will go to Central America and the last month I stay in Rio for the Olympics”, he tells me.