A normal life is not tempting


The green hills looks as beautiful as always and the nice breeze cooling my warm and sweaty forehead. It’s very hot. In the east I see the cows eating grass and when I look the other direction I see the magnificent and beautiful horses running around and playing with each other in the paddock. Far away I hear a tractor, the smell of cows is present and my boots are dirty.

I breath in. And out. And I think ”This is my office”. Thats not the first time that thought crossed my mind. It has happened so many times this year.

Out here, in the rural areas of Australia I have no reception on my phone, I can’t get in touch with anyone. But it doesn’t matter. Thats not important. Nothing in the world can stop my happiness right now. It’s just me and the mother nature.

For every day that passes I become more and more sure of my decision to leave my old life and start a new.

Nine months after I left for what I said was forever a few friends has been asking me ”So, when are you coming home Patrik?”. They didn’t really believe that I going to travel for the rest of my life. And still, it’s only nine months and the questions already rises.

I know that I have passed the point of no return. But that was a long time ago. It’s that day when you wake up and realize what life is really about. It’s not about the numbers on your bank account. Is not about what car you have or what clothes you wear.

Passing the point of no return means that a normal life is not tempting anymore. There so much out there. And all those thing we want to share with you.

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