Road trip Part 7: Blowholes makes a cool water show


Welcome to this series of articles about a roadtrip in Western Australia. There is a lot of ways to do the west coast of course. We did a short roadtrip, 18 days in a campervan and from today and onwards you will be able to follow our trip through my articles and photos. This is part 7. Enjoy!

In the map below you can see where we have been and whats coming up.


That’s almost exactly how it sounds. The blowholes. And the show goes on forever. The water is flushed up in the small holes in the cliff and spurts out like an geiser in Iceland.

We’ve parked the car on the edge of Australia. Out there is just the big Indian Ocean. And next to the car the so called blow holes.

The ones we are visiting are named ”Quobba Blow Holes” and is located just a little bit north of the small town Carnarvon. The road to here is pretty much a dead end road from the big coastal highway. But so worth the extra time it takes to stop by.


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The drive out here is a beutiful drive. It’s a moon like landscape. On the map, it’s marked as a lake but when we pass its completely dry. When we arrive to the actual blowholes it’s even more moonlike. Dark, brown, sharp cliffs all along the coast.

We sit down in the sunset and watch the water show when a bird cross the sky and I’ll get the chance to take that classic photo. I mean, I cant just let it pass away.


This is how a blowhole works. Illustration: AlphaZeta

I think geology is pretty cool and I’m interested in all things that are created by nature. It’s fantastic that our own mother nature have made this. And i’ts better than all tv-programs in the world. I could easy sit and watch it for days. Every single spurt from the blowholes is unique. They’re all different.

We stopped here on our way to Coral Bay and Ningaloo Reef. And about that you can read tomorrow in the next part of this road trip series.

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