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Let’s introduce our new writer: Sandra

The page www.ettannatliv.se is growing with a bunch of new writers. We want to give you the best from all over the world so we are hiring traveling people. Our newest writer is Sandra who is going to write in english. Here you get to know her!

Sandra, who are you?
– As I have neither job or studies awaiting I’d like to call myself as a full-time backpacker. I left Sweden in August 2013 when my adventurous soul brought me through most of Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Im a true life lover, often in search of challenges in it’s all meanings.

Why are you traveling the world?
– Many people start these kinds of travels in the quote of ’finding themselves’. I was no different. I needed to grow as a person and gain a perspective on life and it’s different circumstances. I knew there was so much more of the world to be explored beyond the limits of what Sweden has to offer.

What do you want to write about?
– I want to share my stories, experiences and knowledge. I wish to deliver a personalised insight to give my readers an opportunity to learn from my mistakes, and from my achievements.

What do you want your readers to feel when they have read your texts?
– I’m not the one to tell anyone how to feel, or how not to feel. What I wish is to inspire and to give perspectives. I wish to guide the ones on the travel road, and support the ones who are facing that way.

If you can say whatever you want to our followers, what would you say?
– I believe that no dreams are to big to be fulfilled. No goals are beyond our access. The only one to set our limits are our own mind. As long as we have faith in ourselves, and a strong desire to success, there is nothing above our strength.

Here you can read Sandras first text about a hitchhiking adventure in Western Australia: ”A high price for a free lift”.