Lolo the dog attacked – but saved by inspirational… Mr Books


This story has proven that there are some truly amazing people in this world believe it or not.

We were walking down the street in Myanmar when something caught our attention. Next to a bookshop on the side of the road was a young dog called Lolo. She was laying down, on her side, with a large deep open wound on her face.

lolo-dog-6We were told by the lovely Mr Books, who is the man that owns the bookshop, that over a week ago Lolo was attacked with a knife while trying to protect her owners house from an intruder. A crazy local man, known for his issues with drink had tried to break into the house when Lolo began to bark at him. Trying to make her quieten down, he took the knife to her face.lolo-dog-7

Most of the locals in Myanmar or the rest of Asia don’t care for the dogs or cats out here. To be honest, animals are treated like vermin in Southeast Asia. Mr Books on the other hand couldn’t be any different from that and was genuinely worried for Lolo and had taken her under his wing.

After speaking to Mr Books he explained that the owner really didn’t care for Lolo or that she had come to him in hope of some love and care. Because of his compassion towards Lolo he had contacted the local vet (probably the only vet in the area) to stitch the wound. This had happened twice but Lolo kept clawing at the stitches so the wound would continue to open back up.

My traveling friend Kyla Howieson has explained it very well on her Facebook:

”I tried to bandage the wound but it wouldn’t stay on so I suggested some socks to stop her from scratching at it and maybe we could make a cone collar”.

It was too late in the evening for us to do anything productive to help, so we decide that we would come back the next day and Mr Books would go to the market in the morning and buy some socks.


Upon arriving back at Mr Books shop we saw that the wound had proceeded to open more, so Mr Books rang the vet again and Kyla and I managed to tape the baby socks onto her paws. The vet came very quickly and we watched as Lolo was stitched on the side of the road …. Yep you read right on the side of a dirty road. Mr Books had her sitting on a chair while her muzzle had been tied with tape to stop her biting the vet or Mr books while he held her as she cried in pain as there was no anesthetic or putting this poor little dog under for her horrendous ordeal.

After she was stitched and we had managed to construct a make shift collar from cardboard to stop her from scratching at the wound, Mr Books family took her into their shop where she began to calm down and wag her tail …. it was as if she knew we had all played a part in trying to help her and she was grateful.

Kyla’s words sum up what we all feel:

”Being kind to others and animals should come naturally but for some it is so hard. We can’t thank this kind man enough for what he is doing for this helpless dog”.

lolo-dog-5 lolo-dog-4 lolo-dog lolo-dog-2 lolo-dog-3

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