Mari is our new writer: ”Want to write about insights that inspire me”



Who are you Mari?
– I’m a dive girl with a very strong, innate addiction to the ocean. A restless dreamer with a never-ending curiosity of life and a desire to explore alternative lifestyles, to find one that suits me and hopefully to inspire others to find what’s suitable for them.

What do you want to write about?
– For me a different life does not necessarily include packing my bags and leaving the country, although I do have a strongly pulsating “travel vein” and will begin my way towards a different life with an inspirational journey. Rather it includes finding my way of “living with less in order to live more” no matter where that is. I want to shape a life style where quality of life, sustainability, meaningfulness and well being are the cornerstones and where “downsizing”, “minimalism”,” nature connection”, “personal development” and “transformation” are some of the key words. The path towards it consists of an inner journey just as much as an outer one and I want to write about the experiences, people, places, challenges, lessons and insights that inspire me on my way towards a more authentic life.

What do you want to communicate to your readers?
– A feeling of curiosity of life. Both of the life within them and the life that surrounds them.
And a feeling of togetherness; we are all somewhere along our unique journeys through this life and that is something that we share with one another. During our journey we all experience worries, decision-agony, fears, concerns and obstacles, and we are all struggling to climb our own “mountains” given the individual circumstances we’re facing. No matter what journey you are on and where it is taking place, just like me you are on the way. Your way.

Now you have a chance to say whatever you want to the readers, what do you want to say?
– In that case I will take the opportunity to ask; what awakens your curiosity? What inspires you and puts you in a state of flow? How can you make time in your schedule to do more of that?
Don’t know what it could be? Try to begin with writing for 10-15 minutes a couple of times each week, without any expectations or demands whatsoever. Make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Put the phone on silent mode. Grab your computer or notebook and write down whatever crosses your mind; thoughts, feelings, reflections, wish lists, poems… you name it! There are no rules and no obligations to share your writings with anyone but yourself. The moment is all about giving yourself a little bit of your time and self care, to “hang out with yourself”, accept what comes without being ashamed, judging yourself or criticizing the content. It’s about accepting yourself and exploring what happens when you allow yourself to listen to your own voice.