Now are biggest dream awaits: We’re going out to spot whales


One of the things we been looking forward to most in New Zealand is finally happening. On Sunday we will go whale watching. As you know, we love everything that has to do with the sea and marine life. We have booked a trip with Whale Watch Kaikoura early in the morning to go out to see whale, or hopefully get to see whales. After all, that’s the charm, we are in the wild, not in a zoo. Maybe we won’t see a single whale.

The tale of a sperm whale. Photo: Whalewatch Kaikoura

The major attraction in Kaikoura is the sperm whales. They are near the coast in Kaikoura all year round because this is a main feeding area for young males. It’s very likely that we will see a sperm whale.

If we are extremely lucky we may also see orcas. And if we are incredibly and extremely lucky, basically gifted with luck out of this world, we might see the biggest animal on this planet, the blue whale.

Humpback whales also pass Kaikoura but that’s happening during the winter in June, July and August.

Hopefully we will also see dolphins and maybe albatross.

We are so pumped that we have goose bumps. Only three days left, woop woop!

Photo: Whalewatch Kaikoura
Kaikoura peninsula with the snow covered mountains in the background. Photo: Whalewatch Kaikoura

Our day out on the ocean is a collaboration with Whale Watch Kaikoura. All I will write before and after the trip is my own opinions and I would never write something that I don’t stand for. All posts are written by me and are written based on how I experience it.