One year with a different life

Editor in chief Patrik Enlund is relaxing in front of Lake Hawea, New Zealand. Photo: Emelie Enlund

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It could have been a year of travel the subway, demanding schedules, machine coffee, late buses, busy coworkers and bosses with demands. Instead, it has been a year of horse riding, jumping humpback whales, playful dolphins, climbing of majestic mountains, sharks, enjoyable kayak tours, singing on road trips, big sting rays, sand between the toes, crystal clear water and surfing.

I can go on indefinitely. Memories etched on the retina in the past year are endless. And there will be more.

Being out in the world and meeting all the wonderful people and being a part of all these experiences and adventures, there is only one word for it: Amazing.

Now it has been one year. What should I say. It feels like I nag. It feels like a cliché. But I feel a happiness I never felt before. I think it’s the feeling of freedom. I can do whatever I want. Whenever I want. No one decides my day.

We only have one life. And that’s too short to not follow our hearts.

Ask yourself: ”Am I happy where I am now and what I’m doing with my life”? Is the answer to that question ”no” then it’s time to do something about it. NOW!

Stop worrying. Things will sort out. Maybe not as you planned. But it will. In one way or another. Release the reins. Let the wind take hold of you. You will discover new sides of yourself that you did not know existed and you will end up in places you could never imagine.

But one thing is certain. It is one hell of an adventure. And a roller coaster I don’t want to miss. And you should jump on. We at ”Ett annat liv” will do what we can to show you and everyone else out there that nothing is impossible.

Let’s go.