Our new writer in South America: Pernilla


The page www.ettannatliv.se is growing with a bunch of new writers. We want to give you the best from all over the world so we are hiring traveling people. The newest writer is Pernilla. She is our eyes and ears in South America and she will write in english about that cool and mysterious continent. Here you get to know Pernilla:

pernilla montenegro

Pernilla, who are you?
– I’m a long term traveller, a dreamer who can sit and stare at the sea for hours, and I think dinosaurs are the coolest animals to ever have lived(the giant sloth comes in close second).

Why are you travelling the world?
– I’m travelling because I want to see more of the world, to learn about cultures and different ways to live life. Plus, I have no idea which place is where, so I’m simultaneously learning basic geography.

What do you want to write about?
– I want to write about good places, awesome people and incredible experiences. I want to show that the world for a traveller is much safer than it is dangerous.

What do you want people to feel when they read your text?
– When people read my stories, I hope they will be inspired to pack their own bags and book their own flight tickets. There are so many amazing people and places out there, why not go experience them?

If you could say whatever you want to our followers, what would you say?
– As my boyfriend and part-time travel companion says: The hardest part is getting to the airport.

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