Sanne overwhelmed after viral story: ”My Facebook exploded”

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Sanne is overwhelmed but happy. Photo: Sanne Sevig

Sanne, over a night your story (read it here) became viral and a whole world read about you. Youve got over 3 500 friend requests on Facebook, tons of emails and comments. How do you feel after all this?
– Very overwhelmed, but in a good way. It is weird that every time I open my Facebook it explodes, but it feels amazing to be connected to so many people. And it makes me a bit shy, especially when people approach me in IRL. My god, 5 days ago I was struggling so hard to reach 10 likes when posted an update on Nature Kids of Siargao, now people is so supporting!

What do you want to say to all those people who are so fascinated by your life choises?
– Hi! *waving* And thank you for all those kind words and support regarding my life-choice. I am just one of many who started listening to my guts instead of what I thought was expected of me. You can also be one of us 🙂

Many people think you are living the dream. So, what are you dreaming about?
– I am dreaming about the possibility to work full-time with charity. And to go travel around Asia again. And another cute puppy that I will name ’Dude’.

And the last question. Whats your plan for today?
– Today I am going for my regular yoga class. After that I am filling upp the weekly fruit basket in A thousand smile orphanage. I need to practice my Suriganon-homework (local language in the Philippines) but will probably end up watching The Lord of the Rings (I just started, have a few movies to catch up on). And, try to answer some more of my Facebook-emails 🙂

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If you want to donate money to Nature Kids of Siargao is that possible. Use the information below:

Bank: BDO Unibank, INC. 7899 Makati Avenue, Manilla, the Philippines.
IBAN/SWIFT: 003380206738

Name: Joseph Henry W Davis.
Address: Purok 5, General Luna, 8419, Surigao Del Norte.

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