Simply living the dream

Photo: Joe Redfern
Photo: Joe Redfern

Sometimes it’s hard to understand. Sometimes I have one of those moments when I’m thinking ”Is this for real?”. ”Am I doing this?”.

Next second I nod and raises my arms to the sky. It’s monday and I’m standing on the bow of the boat with a big smile om my face. The boat is on the way to the Great Barrier Reef.

My everyday life is scuba diving.

When my colleague and friend Sebastian joins me on the bow we highfive and smile. We don’t have to say a single word. We both know what the other thinking. ”Right now the guy in the office driking watery coffee. While we’re doing this”.

It’s a weird life. It’s an amazing life.

I’m looking over my shoulder. In the wheelhouse I’ll see the smiling captain that been doing this for years. Working on the Great Barrier Reef.

When I left Sweden in April I heard from so many people that said to me that my plan was stupid. ”What are you going to do when your out of money?”, ”What are you going do when you need healthcare?”.

For people who still is in the rat race it’s hard to understand. They only see problems with this type of life choice. They feel safe in their little bubble and don’t want to leave it. To me – that’s sad.

Right now I’m working with an article and I have been talking to professors that has been studying patterns in the society and how the balance between work and leisure time affects us. The result is very interesting.

Simply. People do not feel good.

With this page I hope I can inspire people. Your dream can become true. Don’t lose your grip of it.

Photo: Joe Redfern
The editor in chief on Ett annat liv, Patrik Enlund, is working on the Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Joe Redfern