Road trip Part 8: Swimming with massive manta rays


Welcome to this series of articles about a roadtrip in Western Australia. There is a lot of ways to do the west coast of course. We did a short roadtrip, 18 days in a campervan and from today and onwards you will be able to follow our trip through my articles and photos. This is part 8. Enjoy!

In the map below you can see where we have been and whats coming up.

It looks like it’s flying. The manta ray. The only thing I hear is my own breathing through the snorkel. I swim harder and harder to keep ut with the big beautiful animal.

I’m living the dream. Snorkeling with manta rays on The Ningaloo Reef on the west coast of Australia. On a normal Tuesday.

I smile but have to stop immediately because water comes in around the mouthpiece of my snorkel.

Manta ray

The manta ray we found swims around in cirkels for a while before it disappears, it’s too fast. Even with fins on I can’t keep up with it. I climb back up on the boat and wrap myself in my cozy towel. On the table the boat staff has prepared the lunch.

It’s bread with a variety of fillings. Tomatoes, sallad, ham, cucumber, capsicum and mayonnaise to just mention some. There is also hot water so you can make a cup of tea or coffee. It’s about 30 people on the boat but plenty of room.

We payed 115 Australian dollars for all of this. A full day of snorkeling on the reef and with a swim around manta rays. This is outside Coral Bay which is a very small village, pretty much only consisting of dive shops and a couple of caravan parks.

After the mantas we move on to another spot on the reef. We sit wrapped up in towels in the bow drinking tea with the wind in our face. We let are legs dangling down the side and just enjoy our time to the fullest.

Suddenly the boats stup and the blonde snorkelguide tell us she will show an amazing amount of Reef Sharks. Right here it’s a cleaning spot for the sharks so they are always around.

When we jump in I cant believe my eyes. I’ve seen many sharks on The Great Barrier Reef but nothing like this. They are everywhere. And when I say everywhere i mean it. I forgot about the time and just swim around in this little spot what feels like forever until i get told to come back to the boat.

On the way home in the sunset I can’t stop smiling. This life gives me so much amazing experiences.