The life as a caffeine addict


I have never used the words for research purposes as often as I did when I travelled through The Coffee Triangle. I bought so many cups of coffee that any budget backpacker would be horrified. Never have I been so focused and yet so unfocused due to a constant caffeine high. The number of cafés I’ve visited is… let’s call it impressive.

Besides, it made no sense at all to write about coffee without having a cup. That’s why absolutely nothing was done until I had some coffee to taste and smell right next to me.

There’s a slight chance I overdid my “research” though. There have, sadly enough, been more than one occasion when I’ve woken up before six in the morning because I thought I could smell coffee.
There’s also the day I walked back to the hostel after having had the heavenly Gesha coffee, being so ecstatic I probably made no sense to anyone. I was speechless, walking around wide-eyed and giggling. Lost in total happiness.

Jag och kaffet
Leaving The Coffee Triangle was hard. It was like willingly leaving paradise, and who does that? My biggest comfort is that I’ll be in Ecuador within a month and, eventually, I’ll also reach the biggest coffee producer in the world – Brazil.

I figure now that my Colombian coffee adventure is over, I might as well announce my new goal, which is to do a coffee tour of the world. My caffeine addicted body says it makes perfect sense, and when has coffee really been anything but a great idea?

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