We are looking for travel writers – apply here!


”A different life” is questioning the current model of society where work is the key point in our lives. The goal of the site is to give our readers interesting interviews, cool and compelling travel stories from every corner of the world, startling images and presence in locations throughout our beautiful globe .

Now we are looking for those who want to write for ”A different life” from your destination. You don’t need to be a professional writer, the most important is that you are on an exciting, fun, cool or interesting place anywhere in the world. You speak, however, the written word and likes to paint with the words. In our texts we want it to smell, taste and feel to reflect the best ”in place” feeling. To our texts we always want to have a lot of pictures. If you are good at photographer, it is meritorious.

We are looking for someone who wants to convey stories from the jungle, beach, pool edge, the mountain, bar, hotel, sea or wherever you might be and has a story worth spreading.

Another life also have an Instagram account: @_adifferentlife
Where the goal is to publish fierce travel images. As a writer in another life we ​​prefer that you are with, and contribute photos to our Instagram account.

Send your application to A different life editor-in-chief Patrik Enlund. E-mail: enlund.patrik@gmail.com

In the subject line write ”Writer A different life”.

Tell us briefly about yourself, where in the world you are and what your experience in writing. Please also write if you have an idea what you want to write about.