I have a big smile on my face everyday


Someone is cooking a spicy vegetable soup, someone else is frying a couple of sausages and in the corner on the third stove simmer an indian curry. It’s smells amazing in this hostel kitchen. It’s the smell of the world.

When you travel, this is the place where you meet and start talking with new people. The kitchen. The heart. There is always a question to be asked, like what’s in that great smelling dish across the table. This is where you hear the stories you want to tell the world.

When I’m standing there stir my on food and are a bit tired after todays adventure people from all over the world start talking to me. Everyday I hear stories from travelers which convince me even more that a life ”on the road” is possible.

What about the 55-year old American dude who been traveling the world for many, many years outside the ratrace and not really have a job. Or the Swedish 21-year old girl who already been around the world and now for just a couple of weeks works as a masseur on the other side of the world. Or the couple who married and instead of buying a house lived so cheap and saved money for a year that they now have enough to go around the world for a bunch of years without even thinking of working a single second.

At the same time I see people back home in the safe western world posting on Facebook about there everyday life troubles. Missed the bus, late for work, stressed over work etc. Someone else is only looking forward to the weekend and the beer with friends.

Those people are also the ones who keep asking me when I’m coming home, what I will do when I run out ot money and when I answer those questions there is more coming up with next problem those people think I will face out here. I keep telling everyone – including you: Everything is possible. Its only your own imagination that stops you. You’ve heard this a million times buts it true. Hold on to your dream and don’t loose the grip of it.

Patrik Enlund is editor in chief on ’Ett annat liv’. He sold everything for travel the world and is happier than ever. Photo: Emelie Enlund

When I’m finishing off my meal that day in the kitchen there is a big smile on my face. Almost everyday it just comes over me. This is my life. Living in freedom anywhere in the world and sharing stories with other travelers. This is what I’m going to do everyday for the next 50-60 years. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

And I can’t stop smiling. The last 11 month I have went to bed with a big smile on my face everyday.




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