Soaked in tranquility at the amazing Wairua Lodge


The water is trickling down the round rocks into the cute little pond and causes the plants to move on the surface. On the other side of the pond some pink flowers shine in the morning sun. The birds are tweeting in the trees and a little further away, four brown chickens are pecking about on the grass.

I want to clarify that this post is NOT sponsored. This is just me wanting to tell you about our amazing experience.

Breakfast near the pond.

I cut a slice of bread from the freshly baked loaf, put on a bit of cheese and a piece of salami. This is really how every morning should be spent. While taking the first bite of my bread, I stretch my legs and feel how my body slowly wakes up.

We sit in two chairs at a small table, on the table is the fully loaded breakfast tray. Surrounding us is nothing but nature’s sounds and colors. Down in the valley the peaceful river meandering through the wilderness and from our table we have a beautiful view of the rolling hills covered with lushes green trees.

The home made bread is just amazing.
Brie, salami, fruit and home made bread. It’s hard to find a nicer breakfast.

It’s the first morning of my thirty first year on this planet. I chew on the bread that tastes like only homemade bread does. Turning 30 may not be that bad.

We are staying two nights at the ”Wairua Lodge Rainforest Retreat” to celebrate our birthdays. Yes, you heard it right. Our birthdays is the days after eachother. Debbie and Aschi is the couple who runs this cozy retreat. Staying here it’s like living their life for a while. Just as they want it to be. Homely. There are only four rooms and everything here is about nature and tranquility.

Breakfast in the garden gives the 30th birthday a pretty damn good start.
Our room was spacious and very nice. The bed is to die for.

To get here we followed a winding and steep gravel road straight into nowhere. All the coverage on our phones disappeared quickly and we got further and further away from civilization. In one part we even have to drive over the river itself. We are told that sometimes the water level is too high to be able to get over. Wairua Lodge can literally be cut off from the outside world.

When the fresh eggs and the freshly baked bread is eaten up, the 30th birthday continues in the same pace. Laid back and calm. We slowly strolling on the forrest path down the valley to the riverside where there are hammocks and a nice wooden sofa. Here we relax the whole morning and listen to the birds, the leaves rustling in the light wind and the water that slowly moves downstream.

With peaceful minds we watch a bright blue Kingfisher flying back and forth to his nest just across the river. There is many different birds around and their beautiful songs is heard through the forrest canopy.

When the afternoon comes we hop in to the outdoor hot tub and let the bubbling warm water take care of our skin. Slowly the day is getting darker as the sun since long has been hiding behind the hills. Dusk is here and so are the stars. We watch them light up one by one on the night sky.

Later on we get the camp fire started for us, we grill some marshmallows and enjoying the crackling sound from the burning logs as the embers dancing away into the September night. That night we go to bed with nature as a cradle. A calm feeling surrounding the whole body. Being this close and this connected with nature really is food for the soul.

Another day in a different life. But now as a 30-year-old.



  1. Wow, Patrik. The post is amazing! And was a great surprise for us!
    So glad that you both could share your birthdays here. Looks like you enjoyed every minute of it! All the best!

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